Study in Australia

Study in Australia

The Full Guide To Study In Australia|Get Instant Student Visa

Australia is the ideal place to live and educate. While many individuals long to study in Australia, they frequently ponder what advantages it would have in their daily lives.

Australia is one of the most well-liked countries to work abroad while being a far-off region with different time hours and climates. Despite the decline in enrollment caused by COVID-19, Indian students still make up the second-largest group of overseas students studying in Australia.

You might be surprised to learn that Australia has so many programs available that it would be difficult for you to choose for yourself.

You can also anticipate having a great life, personal development, and limitless job chances in this developing nation. Additionally, you would surely grow more robust and better equipped to thrive and carve out a niche for yourself in a cutthroat environment.

Australian Education System Over The Years

Whether you’re looking for a school education or to complete a degree in Australia, the Australian education system comprises exceptional training in both.

Primary, middle, and University education are all offered under Australia’s excellent educational system. The primary and secondary education standards serve young people between the ages of six and sixteen. Primary, intermediate, and senior secondary are the three levels of this. The initial six or seven years of early school are spent in preschool.

Students attend secondary school for three to four years, followed by a senior secondary school for two years. Tertiary education includes higher education, vocational courses, and other refresher courses.

Students looking to engage in disciplined academics with equal attention towards extra-curricular activities must consider Australian schools and universities a priority.

Benefits Of Studying In Australia

Why should I study in Australia? Is there anything specific pertaining to Australia that makes it an ideal higher education destination for international students?

These questions are a must-have, if you’re a student and looking for a country that has all that you have dreamt of. And yes, Australia is that destination. 

Australia has been ranked 3rd, next only to the United States and United Kingdom. It enjoys a quality index of 70.5 and opportunity index of 67.52. And these are only going to improve going forward. 

Besides, the following are the other potential reasons why choose only Australia. 

1) Reasonable Tuition Costs

Numerous Australian colleges provide affordable tuition rates to students of all nationalities. The cost of living, not just the programs, maybe less than you anticipate.

Australian universities welcome overseas students and offer reasonably priced degrees. In addition, a student might manage the financial burden even with a tight budget.

2) Scholarships

Carrying on, Australia also provides scholarships in addition to financial assistance. International students can now pursue their dream of studying in Australia without stressing costs. A student can lessen his financial load by applying for scholarships.

Because the tuition expenses are eliminated, this is a huge relief. As a result, you might want to visit the university’s webpage to see if scholarships are available.

3) Internationally Recognized Reputation And Rankings

Australia is host to many leading institutions and has a top-notch educational system. An Australian qualification from a reputable university is respected throughout the world and is attractive to businesses everywhere. According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, seven Australian universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. 

They are renowned for their distinction in academia, research capacity, employer standing, architecture, and amenities, as well as their proportion of international students.

4) Amenities And Lifestyle

Melbourne was named the “world’s most liveable city” for seven consecutive years and provides an amazing combination of culture, sport (plenty of sport), art, shopping, and food.

Numerous extra benefits exist for studying in Australia. You can visit some of the most gorgeous beaches, jungles, deserts, and cities in the world if you tour our lovely country while you’re here. Choosing where to go first is usually the hardest part.

5) Work Possibility

As was already said, you might be able to obtain student jobs in Australia to cover your living costs. Both people who wish to lighten their economic strain and others who want to gain work experience can benefit from it.

Not only is it important to be able to pay one’s bills, but the experience they would get would also significantly advance their development.

6) Numerous Programs To Select

Nobody would expect a student to go door to door looking for the programme they want to enrol in. Every Australian institution offers a wide variety of academic programmes and specialisations.

The applicant must first be certain about the university they wants to attend based on their needs and demands, such as the cost of tuition and financial aid. It will then be simpler for him to decide on the industry or any particular programme in which they wants to advance their career.

7) Studying While Working

You can always finance your education by working extra while a student in Australia, regardless of whether you receive a scholarship to study there. One of the major advantages of studying in Australia for students from India is the ability to work up to 40 hours every two weeks if they are enrolled in a full-time degree course there.

The estimated minimum wage is 17 dollars an hour, and basic positions on college campuses, in supermarkets and other retail establishments pay handsomely. With this, students can cover their living expenditures, food costs, and travel costs while also saving money to visit the country.

8) Advantages Of Studying In Australia Post-Study Work Visa

The lengthy post-study work visa (PSW) that is offered to overseas students is another significant advantage of studying in Australia. Australian university graduates can keep living and practice in Australia for 2–5 years after finishing their degree without a sponsor or job in order to qualify for this visa. 

The new 485 Visa is another advantage of studying in Australia for Indian students. One of the lengthier visas option for international students abroad is the new 485 Visa, which Australia grants students prolonged post-study employment rights.

9) Lower Cost Of Living

Australia has the best standard of living when contrasted to the US and the UK, and it is also substantially less expensive to pay for one’s education there.

Nevertheless, overseas students are also permitted to apply for part-time work in order to cover their housing and economic consequences. Additionally, a student may be awarded a sponsored scholarship, which would lessen the financial strain of paying for their tuition expenses.

10) Living Expense Insurance

International students are given the benefit of living expense insurance. In that situation, the student may have to choose the type of coverage he wants.

Students are obliged to stay and finish their education because of this perk of studying in Australia. Any pupil who has an odd situation will receive covered right away.

11) Utilization Of Technology And An Original Strategy

Australia’s clever use of technology, which excites international students from all over the world, is its most alluring feature.

Students in Australia are required to fully utilise the state-of-the-art high tech and innovative scientific resources.

Best Courses To Study In Australia

After deciding on Australia as your international study location, you should concentrate on the following critical phase in your study abroad trip: picking the ideal course. Although it can seem simple, keep in mind that this is a crucial step for your employment in Australia. 

You must pick a curriculum with solid potential for growth in Australia; else, you risk having trouble finding a job you’ll like or obtaining resident status. You must begin looking for a course to enroll in that will fit your interests or skills and have a broad professional scope (in the market) in Australia if you want to avoid all these potential consequences.

  • Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) industry is now expanding quickly and has the potential to provide you with a wide range of employment opportunities, not only in Australia, but outside as well. Approachable and analytic people are the best candidates for this position and can enroll in a course in this area for impressive career advancement.

  • Medical Or Nursing

In Australia, medical practitioners are paid exceptionally well, if not the best. One of the most acceptable options for pursuing a degree in Australia might be the challenging industry, but you might need some extra cash to complete the task.

By now, we are all aware of how essential healthcare professionals are to society. There will be a considerable shortage of nurses compared to demand. Nursing is the ideal profession for you if you desire a job that is intriguing, demanding, and impacts people’s lives. A licensed nurse in Australia may expect to make an average salary of $73,000 per year and have many career options.

  • Accountancy

Accountancy continues to be the most well-liked or in-demand program in Australia. The Australian Trade Shortage List includes several accountancy jobs, indicating continued growth for accounting experts. An accountancy certificate from an Australian university can open up a vast range of employment choices in Australia if you are fascinated by accounting and want to create a viable career in this industry. 

You may be able to obtain Australian permanent residency (PR) through the accounting programs. An accounting specialist typically earns between $70,000 and $80,000 per year. However, this price range will certainly rise in the coming time. 

  • Engineering

As you are fully aware, engineering is the next item on our agenda. It’s a profession that creates, designs, builds, uses, and maintains machines, processes, infrastructures, and other objects that assist people in achieving practical objectives or resolving global issues. 

Students who decide to gain knowledge in the field may have the opportunity to fill the nation’s shortage of mechanical and industrial engineers and chemical, electrical, electronics, and communications engineers.

You should enroll in a chosen Engineering school if you enjoy challenges, producing design, production, or innovation.

  • Hotel Management

Australia’s robust tourist sector provides trained and talented workers with career opportunities.

The demand for qualified professionals in hospitality management is increasing along with the annual growth of the Australian tourism industry. As a result, numerous restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Australia are operating with inadequate personnel levels. Therefore, completing a tourism and hospitality management program will give you access to the Australian tourism industry.

In Australia, a hospitality manager makes a mean annual pay of $73,712.

So, these were the most worthwhile courses to enrol in Australian universities. But, how much does it cost to study in Australia? 

Below is the answer. 

The Cost Of Studying In Australia

Australia stands near the top of the most sought-after foreign universities. Owing to the high quality of studies, freedom to innovate, competent and experienced faculty, and an overall well-developed educational infrastructure, it is well understood why this country stands near the top. 

However, this high quality of education also comes with a price. This segment of the article will attempt to break down the expenses an Indian student will have to face in Australia to pursue their education. 

First of all, we will proceed by taking into account the principal amount related to pursuing higher education abroad. This will include taking into consideration the cost of education for international students at various periods of the admission process and academic instruction in the university. 

The table below highlights a basic understanding of the cost of studying for international students in Australia. However, this table does not include more expensive courses such as veterinary due to them being statistical outliers. 

Education Level  Cost/Year
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree  AUD 20,000 – 45,000
Postgraduate Master’s Degree  AUD 22,000 – 50,000
Doctoral Degree AUD 18,000 – 42,000
Vocational Education and Training  AUD 4,000 – 22,000
English language studies  AUD 5,000 – AUD 18,000

This table was a breakdown of academic expenses based on the level of education an international student is pursuing. In the next table, we will give you an idea and breakdown of expenses one would face depending on a few top universities in Australia. 

University Name BE/BTech First Year Tuition Fee MS First Year Tuition Fee MBA First Year Tuition Fee
Australian National University (ANU) AUD 48,384 AUD 48,384 – 50,400 AUD 50,400
The University of Melbourne (Unimelb) AUD 43,520 AUD 37,760 – 41,536 AUD 89,500
The University of Sydney (Usyd) AUD 39,240 – 48,500 AUD 37,500 – 49,000 AUD 50,000 – 67,000
The University of Queensland (UQ) AUD 45,120 AUD 41,040 – 47,120 AUD 80,808
University of New South Wales (UNSW) AUD 47,760 AUD 34,020 – 47,280 AUD 66,262

In conclusion, there is no one size fits all distribution of expenses in place. The expenses an international student will face are directly correlated to the degree and the university the applicant is choosing to pursue. 

Top universities to study in Australia

Studying in Australia opens an array of opportunities offered by top universities to students. Australia holds within itself some of the most prestigious universities that uphold the quality of education and values every student. 

1) University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853 and is a state university with seven locations dispersed around Victoria, Australia, including Melbourne. Nearly 20 graduate programmes are offered by the institution, notably those at the Melbourne Business School, Melbourne Medical School, and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. The most prestigious university programmes are those in dentistry, veterinary science, and medical.

2) Australian National University (ANU)

State university Australian National University was established in 1964 and is situated in Canberra, the country’s capital. The university comprises seven colleges, including one each for the theoretical and numerical sciences, business and finance, engineering and computational techniques, law, and medical, biology, and the ecology. The academic year at ANU is divided into semesters.

3) University of Sydney

In the state of New South Wales in southern Australia, Sydney is home to the major college known as the University of Sydney. With 16 educational departments, covering farming and ecology, commerce, arts and social sciences, engineering and network and infrastructure, and medical, it is regarded as Australia’s first university and was established in 1850. The academic year is divided into semesters.

4) University of Queensland 

Open university The University of Queensland Australia was established in 1909. UQ has 3 primary campuses: the St. Lucia campus, the Gatton campus, and the Herston college, all of which are situated in and near Brisbane, Australia’s capital of Queensland. The university has six main academic divisions: commerce, design and information systems, social sciences and humanities, healthcare and psychological aspects, and medicine and medical science. These divisions are law and finance, corporate, and architecture.

5) University of Canberra

The Institution of Canberra is a new university with its headquarters in Canberra, Australia, and is ranked 548 in the list of Best Global Universities. The institution is well-known throughout the world for its rich college life and broad quality of research. Students are encouraged to explore more than 70 clubs and organizations in recreational, cultural, athletic, and intellectual fields. The university places a strong emphasis on the students’ full overall development in addition to providing theoretical education. Environment, clinical medicine, population health, and sociology are a few of the university’s key academic specialties.

6) University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide, ranked 108th in the QS World University Rankings, is a renowned research institution that is renowned for providing high-quality instruction and a thriving student life. At the institution, there are many more than 140 groups where students can connect outside of the class.

Scholarships Offered To Study In Australia

One of the key advantages of studying in Australia for Indian students is the availability of numerous merit- and need-based grants. For international students who desire to attend Australian institutions, the Australian government provides grants worth $200 million. 

Universities like the University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, RMIT University, and Deakin University all offer grants on an individualized level. The scholarships vary from total financed to 10% of the university fees and are available for undergraduate, graduate, and research programs. 

In addition to university-specific scholarships, the best scholarships from which Indian students can profit most from studying in Australia include the following:

  • Global Excellence Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • Destination Australia International Scholarship
  • Scholarships by Australian Embassy
Scholarship name Type Amount
Global Excellence Scholarship Individual Australian universities provide these grants for undergraduate and graduate programs. Depends on the university
Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP) Given by various universities to students in undergraduate and graduate programs in the department of education. Complete tuition fees + part stipend
Australia Award Scholarship Intended for graduate candidates for programs in engineering, architecture, construction, energy and resources, security, and strategic studies. Entire tuition fee and partly living expenditures
Destination Australia International Scholarship Provided for researching, graduate, and undergraduate programmes in remote Australia. 40,000 AUD – 60,000 AUD
Scholarships by Australian Embassy Offered for research, postgraduate, and undergraduate studies at various Australian universities. Complete tuition fees

Visa Formalities To Study In Australia

An Australia Student Visa is required for those who want to pursue their goal of studying there. Students can study in Australia using an Australia student visa category 500. The application fee for Australia’s subclass 500 study permit is AUD 620. 

Primary and secondary schools, apprenticeship, impartial English-language focused classes for international students, postsecondary learning, postgraduate studies, overseas students supported by the foreign relations and defense department, and non-award coursework are all permitted for study in Australia under the terms of the Australia study visa subclass 500.

How to apply for Visa to study in Australia?

  • Assemble The Necessary Paperwork

A few documents must be submitted as a prerequisite for an Australia study visa application. To prevent additional problems, you must accurately and promptly collect these records.

  • Complete The Application

After gathering the necessary paperwork, the students must submit their visa application as soon as possible because it takes time to get an Australia study visa.

  • Submit Your Papers

You must submit all paperwork in the correct format.

  • Pay for the visa

It is needed to pay the AUD 620 visa fee.

  • Await The Outcome

Your application’s acceptance might not happen right away. You could use your application’s unique transaction number to often follow up on the status of your request.

World-renowned Research In Australian Universities

Australian universities are well renowned for having the best research-oriented spaces available for all disciplines of studies. Universities based in the country have established several facilities for research. The universities have invested substantial resources in setting up various research centers for all fields of science. 

The Australian Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) program recognizes and supports research activities in Australia’s higher education institutions. 

It has also identified several crucial national research priorities. To do so, the program utilizes a five-point approach. 

The indicators that are used to denote a high ranking are ‘World Standard,’ ‘Above World Standard,’ and ‘Well Above World Standard.’ An impressive seven universities found themselves in the overall Top 100 in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. 

It is evident that the Australian Government prioritizes and takes the initiative of seriously promoting various research fields, such as health and medicine.

University Key research areas
University of Technology Sydney- ithree Institute (infection, immunity and innovation) Specializes in research involving the control and management of infectious diseases in humans and animals. 
University of New South Wales Research on medical phenomena such as Mental Health, Cancer, Addiction, Infectious Disease, Neuroscience, Immunity,  and Inflammation. 
University of Tasmania Brain Science, Behavior, and Neurodegenerative Disease, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, and Molecular Genetics of Human Disease.
Deakin University Emphasis on Neuroscience, Infection, Rural, and Regional Health, Immunity and Cancer, and Musculoskeletal and Metabolic medicine. 
Macquarie University Research carried out on Frontotemporal Dementia, Motor Neuron Disease, 
La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science Nanoscience, Cancer, Molecular Design, Immunity and Infection. 
University of Melbourne Biotechnology & biomedical research
University of Canberra Primarily focuses on Sports Medicine, Physiology, Psychology, Coaching Pedagogy, and Kinetic Biomechanics. 
University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute Internationally renowned experts in the fields of human reproduction, pregnancy, and child health are creating interventions to enhance mother and child health outcomes in pregnancies complicated by obesity and diabetes.

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